• Birdhouse On A Stick


    All of our birdhouses are constructed with Alaska Spruce from Kodiak Island. The birdhouses are decorated with vintage door and window hardware, topped with 100-year-old antique ceiling tin. Each birdhouse is truly a unique item and every time you see one they will make you smile. If you decide to leave them outside the birdhouses will easily weather the Alaska winters or they can hold a special place inside your home.

    The "Birdhouse on a stick" is approximately 40" tall. The stair spindle is attached to the base of the birdhouse with a three inch screw and fender washer. You can leave the birdhouse outdoors year around and as the spindle starts weathering you can just push it farther into the soil. They will last for years and only look better with time. We have several different perches and a variety of trim colors, shoot us a email if there is a particular color you are looking for.